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“The South Got Something to Say!”

How Day 1 of BCB Mastermind (Southern Cohort) Blew My Mind 


What if one day in an incubator could unlock all of the doors to your dream business operation? 

Though I know that this is only day one of what is to be a weeks-long intensive, I can already tell that this is going to be and has already begun to be a game changing experience. And if you know me, you know I live for an awesome experience

The best news? It’s at no cost to participants in partnership with Parallel!  

As a jazz fanatic, instrument player, and former Geometry teacher, I was STOKED to see the day start with a conversation connecting concepts not ordinarily associated. Ego, Coltrane’s Changes and the Circle of 5ths, and Rick Flair all played a major part in kicking the day off. And yes, I’m being vague on purpose. It’s literally something you just have to experience! 

Systems like Trello were introduced and this concept of team really played into every single task and discussion. Seaux many acronyms - so many! Each task and activity led to deeper thinking and processing of ways in which I desire for SeauxAndReap to grow - more strategically and less tactically 😉

Personally, I’ve found many of the discussions affirming, validating even for some decisions I’ve made intuitively, instinctively that I now have a research/knowledge base to draw from not only to justify the actions, but also to give me ways to strengthen moves in the future.  I feel myself and in turn the SeauxAndReap movement stretching as some ideas are challenging the way we’ve ordinarily thought about business. 

We talked revenue and cap tables, Justice and education, and I haven’t even told you about the best part! The melanated magic that is in the room! The legacies, the pioneers! The divinity! I’ve just had to stare and receive the magic so many times! Especially when imbibing in the lunchtime ritual of breaking down and rolling not only flower but ideas and connections. 

I can’t wait to learn what the next six weeks have in store! The guest speaker today alone proved invaluable: Zachary Fleming of Parallel shared stories and lessons learned that fired me up to keep this good work going!  At the center of everything is purpose - something so important to me that I have it tattooed on my hand as a reminder to forever keep my hands busy with purpose. Seeking purpose, fulfilling purpose, sharing purpose.

Follow along with us and let’s learn together as Seaux and Reap takes on this journey with the goal of operationalizing excellence.