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Shreveport ·June 14 2024

Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition

Unleash Your Inner Artist, Elevated with Cannabis Inspiration & Conversations!



Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition is a unique and immersive event that combines the joy of painting with the relaxation and inspiration of cannabis consumption. Designed for art enthusiasts, the cannacurious, and cannaisseurs alike, this experience offers a creative outlet in a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere. Consumption not mandatory to attend. DISCOUNTED Medical Recommendation included in registration; select that option at checkout. Registration includes access to: - Puff and Paint Session - Cannabis Lounge - Elevated Conversations Registration closes May 31, 2024! Secure your spot TODAY!


Welcome to Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition, a passion project sparked by conversations held at Seaux & Reap suppers. Conceived during a memorable Kwanzaa supper in December 2024, Dom and Charity envisioned a space where the community could gather around the cannabis plant for both taboo-defying and spiritually enriching discussions. Our goal is to foster an environment where elevated, esoteric conversations uplift the collective mentality, offering an opportunity to connect, grow, and explore together.

Charity Marcella Moran, Ed.S.

Charity Marcella Moran, Ed.S.

Charity Marcella Moran, our esteemed host, is a seasoned educator and curriculum designer whose career has been dedicated to social justice and experience curation. With a passion for fostering informed consumption of cannabis, Charity brings her expertise in creating engaging and inclusive spaces to Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition, ensuring a memorable and enriching event for all attendees.

Dom Mclemore

Dom Mclemore

Dom Mclemore, the visionary behind Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition, is driven by a profound desire to cultivate safe spaces for high-level, taboo-challenging conversations. With a mission to empower individuals through the exploration of cannabis and art, Dom is dedicated to shedding light on the plant's transformative potential while fostering a sense of community and empowerment among participants.

Cannabis Chef Kim Moran

Cannabis Chef Kim Moran

Meet Kim Moran, our talented Cannabis Chef, whose mission is to spread joy one delectable treat at a time. Drawing inspiration from cherished family recipes passed down by her grandmother, Kim meticulously crafts menus designed to tantalize the taste buds and elevate your cannabis consumption experience. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey filled with flavor and delight at Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition!







May 31, 2024 - Registration Closes

Registration closes 2 weeks prior to the event, to ensure that guests receive their intake forms & Kiss & Tell Box with enough time to prepare for the event. 



June 1 - 14, 2024 - Guest Preparation

Guests will have 2 weeks to complete their intake forms, submit signed non-disclosure agreements, and to prepare for an amazing event! 



June 14, 2024 - 6-10pm

Guests will secure their phones in magnetically locked cases & proceed through the event space. DISCRETION IS KEY

Puff & Paint Session

  • Participants will be guided through a step-by-step painting session led by experienced artists. 
  • Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned painter, our instructors will help you unleash your creativity and create your own masterpiece.

Cannabis Lounge

  • Relax and unwind in our designated cannabis-friendly lounge area. Enjoy a variety of cannabis products provided by our partners, including samples of different strains, pre-rolled joints, infused edibles, and more (in compliance with local regulations).

Elevated Conversations

  • Engage in guided discussions about esoteric, spiritual, and collective-raising topics in our designated conversation corner. 
  • Led by knowledgeable facilitators, these discussions offer a space for meaningful dialogue and exploration of consciousness, mindfulness, and interconnectedness. 

Cannabis Education

  • Learn about different cannabis strains, consumption methods, and responsible use from knowledgeable experts who will be on hand to answer questions and provide insights.

Infused Catering

  • Indulge in delectable snacks, small bites, and beverages infused with cannabis extracts, provided by our catering partners who specialize in cannabis-infused cuisine.


Solo Soirée (Party of 1)

Solo Soirée (Party of 1)

Painting, Puffs, and Personal Enlightenment


Dynamic Duets (Party of 2)

Dynamic Duets (Party of 2)

Double the Brushes, Double the Bliss!


Trios & Brushes (Parties of 3 or more)

Trios & Brushes (Parties of 3 or more)

Unleash Your Creativity Together!


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I Need a Smoker's Kit!

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Help Me Secure a Medical Recommendation

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Book Transportation for Me

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Kiss & Tell - Puff & Paint Edition

United States· June 14 2024· 4 hours