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Bali·September 10 - 24 2023

🇮🇩 Elysium & Art: an Exploration of Indonesia

At the request of one of our favorite artists, this is a meticulously created, carefully curated excursion sans cannabis.



Bali is without doubt a special and unique place, an integral part of the vast Indonesian archipelago, yet different in so many ways. The Island of Gods is a paradise for luxury travelers seeking the exclusive and the exceptional. This excursion is for the JOY in you! Intentionally planned in collaboration with locals, this 14-day trek requires that you pack lightly. We will traverse the chain of islands, from Komodo National Park and pink beaches, to jungles and lush tropical waterfalls. Expand your inner creator through explorations of Bali's contemporary art scene, sacred architecture, temples and nightlife. This trip is sure to please. Balinese performances, Kecak fire dances and luxury spas for a variety of massage types await you. Opportunities to explore the following scenes are also available for a customized experience: - tattoo & body art - clubs, beach clubs, parties - luxurious 5-star spas - paragliding - and so much more!


Sunset, Shop, Dine and Party at Seminyak & Petitenget

Sunset, Shop, Dine and Party at Seminyak & Petitenget

Seminyak is regarded as the most famous holiday spot. However, even Petitenget, is becoming more and more a destination in its own right. Seminyak is known to be Bali’s hippest beach town, popular among travelers who are looking for a more upscale and sophisticated alternative when it comes to partying, dining, and shopping. Famous for its magical sunsets, the beautiful beaches are decked with dozens of beach bars and widely known beach clubs. Seminyak offers everything that you would expect from an upbeat holiday destination.

Tattoo & Body Art in Bali

Tattoo & Body Art in Bali

Getting a tattoo while on holiday is quite common nowadays, and Bali is no exception. You are thinking of getting a tattoo in Bali as well? Great idea, Bali has become one of Asia’s top tattoo destinations. Balinese art is of incredible beauty and provides countless ornaments and designs that are inspired by its culture and unique expression of Hinduism. You will find many interesting and beautiful tattoo designs here, if you wish to have something associated with Bali, such as the Garuda, the Barong or the Rangda, or you can go for the more traditional Hindu deities.

Spas Galore

Spas Galore

A destination for wellness and spirituality, Bali carries a long tradition of healing and inner reflection. The resort’s Mandapa Spa draws on these practices to offer a modern, luxury retreat amid the lush rainforest of Ubud. Balinese-inspired treatments feature Subtle Energies and locally sourced products, and unique opportunities include a session with a local Balinese healer. Along with the soothing sound of the majestic Ayung River, this riverfront spa presents a complete wellness destination. In addition to its five treatment rooms, it features a yoga pavilion, meditation temple, vitality pool, 24-hour fitness center, saunas and relaxation areas.

Pink Beaches & Komodos

Pink Beaches & Komodos

Rising from the seas of East Indonesia where two continental plates collide, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park is a wonder of nature in every way imaginable. Ancient volcanic activity has created some of the most spectacular coastal terrain on Earth, with picture-perfect savannah hills, bays and beaches. The Park’s dramatic landscape also sets the perfect stage for stunning marine discoveries at some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world. Several of the Islands are inhabited by prehistoric creatures, the native Komodo Dragon, that are the largest lizard species to walk the Earth.

Best Clubs, Beach Clubs, Parties

Best Clubs, Beach Clubs, Parties

A never-ending social scene for partygoers from the PM to the AM. Nothing states tropical paradise more than Bali’s lush green scenery, wonderful culture, people, and of course the combination of endless sun, beaches and palm trees. And where to enjoy this combination better than at Bali’s famous Beach Clubs?






September 10: Depart USA to Singapore

Guests are asked to book their own flights from home to arrive on September 11 into Singapore. A Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur can book flights for you -  select the "Book My Flight" option at checkout.



September 11: Arrive & Explore Singapore

Rest and relax in Singapore (or choose to explore!), before we fly out to Komodo National Park.  The possibilities for this jaunt are unlimited! In our pre-departure meetings, we will work with guests and locals to organize the itinerary accordingly. 

Some options include: 

  • The Supertree Grove
  • Marina Bay 
  • Sands SkyPark Observation Deck
  • Art Science Museum


September 12 - 15: Explore Komodo & Surrounding Islands

3 days of Island Hopping, Beach Combing, and Speed Boating followed by 1 day of Massage & Spa treatments. 



September 16 - 18: Seminyak

Steps away from the beach, minutes away from art markets, this designer lodging is all-inclusive! Have some Nasi Campur for lunch in the middle of a rice field at Nook. 

Choose your adventure at Seminyak Beach; there’s loungers, horseback riding, bats, and a vibrant nightlife scene or Swim around at Potato Head Beach Club’s seaside pool – a great place to spend your day and one of Bali’s most popular beach clubs



September 19 - 22: Ubud

If you are looking for a cultural immersion into Bali’s traditions and natural beauty, take a couple day trips away from Seminyak to explore. This is where Ubud comes in to play!  For many Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali; known for art and a strong spiritual presence where inspired visitors, seekers, and traveling artists come to find connection. We will spend 4 jam-packed yet leisurely days indulging in food, art, temples, waterfalls, jungles and animal sanctuaries along the way.  

One final spa day is optional prior to heading to Singapore to depart back home to the States.



September 23: Singapore Once More

One more 24 hours in Singapore! Guests choose from a menu of options including but not limited to shopping, food & wine tours, museums, and so much more!



September 24: Depart Singapore

Guests are asked to book their own flights from Singapore back home.  A Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur can book flights for you -  select the "Book My Flight" option at checkout.

What's Included

What's Included

24-hour access to a Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur

Transportation between cities (Singapore to Komodo to Ubud to Singapore)

Daily Breakfast

Daily Supper

Activities & Outings

Beach Club Reservations

Personal shopping & souvenirs

Flights to and from Singapore (unless option is selected at checkout)


Indonesian Wayfarer Package (Party of 1)

Indonesian Wayfarer Package (Party of 1)


Indonesian Globetrotting Package (Party of 2)

Indonesian Globetrotting Package (Party of 2)


Indonesian Caravan Package (Party of 6)

Indonesian Caravan Package (Party of 6)


Trip Tips

Travel Regulations

Travel Regulations

We only publish regulations, that the government has OFFICIALLY confirmed Please review the FAQs below for detailed explanations.



Bali is still considered a developing country, so proper vaccinations should be practiced. Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Tetanus are usually strongly recommended. Always check with your doctor or travel health care provider to find out exactly what you need before you go!

Safety in Bali

Safety in Bali

Bali is generally safe, but just like anywhere, can have some sketchy areas. We felt safe our entire trip in Bali and many ex-pats make Bali their home. Water, on the other hand, is not safe to drink. Similar to Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico, it’s not uncommon for people to get “Bali belly” from contaminated food or water. Make sure your food is fully cooked and looks fresh.



Tip: Since the water is unsafe to drink, bottled water can be found everywhere. Please note, however, one of Bali’s bigger issues is plastic waste. I would consider getting a reusable water bottle with a filter that has bacteria-killing capabilities such as Steripen Ultra or Lifestraw water bottle. This will not only help reduce waste and become more environmentally friendly but in the long run help you save money on buying water. Always double-check with the brand to make sure their filtering capabilities are sufficient for drinking contaminated water.


“Booking through Seaux & Reap was very easy and made our lives so much easier. I have nothing bad to say! Thank you for giving us tips and guidance before we left on what to bring and such, that was very helpful! Thanks again, Alexis J."

Alexis J.

I think the trip, overall, was a huge success. Everything went as planned. Having the "Trip Plans" group chat was fabulous. I referred to that SO many times for details, using both the schedule by day and the pdf of the Final Itinerary. Both had different info that I needed to see.... I think Seaux & Reap did a great job of summarizing the itinerary & communicating to me throughout the trip, i.e., when a tour was rescheduled or confirming pick ups. Pretty impressed with their support.... I really appreciated your communication with me during the trip, particularly getting the upgrade back for me.... I had an absolutely fabulous time. I was traveling alone but never felt alone. You did an AMAZING job on this, Charity, and I have already told people about you and your help. We will definitely work together again in the near future!

Rhonda W.

My husband and I planned our recent honeymoon with Charity from Seaux & Reap. She made the process smooth, seamless, and stress free! Once we chose our destination Charity handled everything from flights, to transport from the airport, accommodations and even activities and excursions. Everything was on one itinerary that we were able to print out and take with us, and included detailed descriptions and instructions including where to meet our driver at the airport, what their uniform would look like and what type of car they would be driving. The resort, amenities and service were amazing, and the food was over the top phenomenal! Claudia was our resort ambassador. She gave us her phone number upon check-in and stayed in communication with us via text message throughout our stay. We will definitely be planning future vacations with Seaux & Reap!"

Brianna P.


Yes, international travellers can visit Indonesia and most travel restrictions have been lifted. There are still hurdles to take and details to be aware of in order to be able to travel and to enter Indonesian in relation to the COVID Pandemic. 

This FAQ will guide you through the process.

Following three scenarios are covered in the latest regulation update for foreign visitors.


Travellers who are fully vaccinated, DO NOT need to undergo quarantine and can enter into Indonesia now without a PCR test before and upon arrival.

Two or more doses: status fully vaccinated (Johnson & Johnson counts as 2 doses)


If you have only one dose you need to quarantine for 5x24h in a certified hotel (CHSE) and get a 2nd PCR test on day 4 (you can book quarantine packages with the hotels).


Travellers who are exempted from vaccination due to comorbidity diseases must show a medical statement letter that they cannot be vaccinated (in English).

For now, as we understand it, if you are not vaccinated and cannot present a letter from a doctor that you cannot be vaccinated, travelling to Bali is not possible. 

Proof of Vaccination

You must have a proof (digital/ printed) of Covid Vaccination, (the last dose must be taken 14 days before travelling to Indonesia).

Other MANDATORY Requirements

  • Travel insurance (covering covid related medical costs and evacuation expenses)
  • If your nationality is not part of the 9 ASEAN countries and is not listed for Visa on Arrival you would need to arrange a B211A Visit Visa before your arrival.
  • Download the PeduliLindungi App. The registration of the International e-HAC (Indonesia electronic health alert card) is for now NOT necessary anymore. The registration of the international certificates does not work well.  At least the app must be installed, because some airlines might check this when you check-in. 
  • E-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration) if you are arriving in Bali (or fill in the paper form at the airport).
  • Return ticket - (is rarely checked upon arrival, but technically a requirement. If for some reason you don't have one, that is within the time-frame of your visa validity, and you are asked, the best is to explain kindly that you are aware of the visa restrictions and you will rebook your flight in time, or, if applicable, you will get a Visa extension.)
  • Passport needs to be valid at least 6 months from day of arrival.
  • The passport needs at least one empty page.

***Never fear! A Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur will support you in completing these tasks in a series of pre-departure meetings.***

Medical Insurance covering covid-related costs 

For now, ALL foreign travellers (visa-free entry, Visa on Arrival, and B211A Visa) still need to have a medical insurance that covers covid related medical & evacuation expenses.

If you still need a travel insurance that is accepted by the Indonesian officials, we can recommend the "nomad insurance" provided by our verified partner  (It's called a nomad insurance but is suitable for all travellers).

International Travel Insurance / Nomad Insurance starting USD42 for 4 weeks. Info, Prices & Signup

 Very rarely we hear from travellers that they have to show the medical insurance documents upon arrival, however it is still listed as one of the requirements to enter into Indonesia.

YES. More airlines are gradually including Bali again into their schedules. Singapore Air, KLM, Qatar, Jetstar, and many more. 

Check with your ticket booking websites for prices and availability OR 

Select "Book My Flight" option at checkout and a Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur will arrange flights for you.

If you can't get a flight to Bali you can still choose the option to come via Jakarta and then take a domestic flight to Bali. Airlines such as Citilink, Batik Air, Air Asia, Lion Air, and Garuda are flying to Bali very regularly. Ticket price one way 50-150USD.

Particularly if the price difference between flying to Jakarta and flying directly to Bali are very high, then this might be worth it.

You also have the choice to select "Book My Flight" option at checkout and a Seaux & Reap Cannaisseur will arrange flights for you.

Updated health protocol regulations (SATGAS 19)

The health protocol as referred to in point 5 of the document must meet the following terms and conditions:

a. Use a 3-ply cloth mask or medical mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin while indoors or when in crowds;

b. Change masks regularly every four hours, and dispose of waste masks in the places provided;

c. Washing hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects touched by other people;

d. Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people and avoid crowds; and

e. It is advised not to speak one-way or two-way by telephone or in person throughout the journey using public transportation modes of land, rail, sea, river, lake, crossing, and air.

  • The situation is overall well under control. The government still expects some health Social to be put in place and followed. 

  • Wearing masks in outside and on the roads is not mandatory anymore according to the updated regulations published on May 18th (SATGAS 19).

  • You are still required to wear masks in closed rooms (shops, beaches, malls, to enter restaurants (not at the table)

Don't bring more than the equivalent value of IDR 100,000,000 cash into the country (ca. 6,914 USD).

🇮🇩 Elysium & Art: an Exploration of Indonesia

Indonesia· September 10 - 24 2023· 14 nights